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December 09 ,2014
Max Moulding is pleased to introduce the Cortona Collection – The Subtle Rustic Charm of Italian Craftsmanship.
Inspired by the rustic and vintage charm of one of the most beautiful and fascinating hill towns of Tuscany and Italy, Cortona’s subtle hand wash introduces an understated, Old World elegance and the rustic edge presents classic Italian

Employing the highest level of artisanship, Cortona captures the ambiance of vintage style one might find in a
Renaissance Italian Villa or Plaza. Each moulding is subtly hand-distressed to give it a slightly textured surface and finished
to a soft and pleasing patina.

Cortona offers eight functional profiles with widths range from 13/16” to 3 1/8”and six vintage finishes of Antique White,
Antique Espresso, Antique White with Silver Lip, Antique Black with Silver Lip, Antique Brown with Silver Lip & Gold Lip and Antique Espresso with Silver Lip.